Dear Austin

February 24, 2015

Dear Austin,
I love you and living here more than you can imagine. I hope to never move away, but there's a few things we need to discuss...
1) Can you please stop people from moving here so much? I heard somewhere that 130 people A DAY move to Austin and surrounding Central Texas areas. A DAY!! Don't be so awesome to tourist and maybe they won't want to pack up and move here.
2) Weather. For the love of God can you make up your mind about the weather? Saturday it was sunny and in the low 80's - today it's chance of ice and high of 34. People (including me) are ready for Spring and to wear shorts and flip flops now!
3) Traffic. How does a city this big have only 3 major highways?? Sure you built 130 a few years ago but it costs around $6 each way to drive on it! You can't get anywhere quickly here even on Saturday afternoons we hit traffic. Kinda crazy.
4) Overall thank you for being such an amazing city to live in, raise our daughter in, & it keeps getting better.
Thank you for being you...
From a true Austinite:
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