February 17, 2015

I heard about this woman on the local news yesterday morning and had to stop getting ready to listen to her story. It really hit home for me.
Picture via KeyeTV
The Austin marathon and 1/2 marathon were this past Sunday. Eric ran in it a few years back and I remember how hard it was for him to do the 1/2 let alone a full. I've always wanted to run one, but never had (still don't have) the guts to train for it.
But this woman did & she did it on her terms..
Hyvon Ngetich of Kenya was leading the elite women at the 23 mile mark, but by the time she got to the finish, her body had given out and she was crawling on all fours. Race volunteers were there with a wheelchair, which she refused to use.  She even had to pause to gather up her energy to continue her determined crawl to the finish. (Thanks to KEYE for this)
She literally crawled the entire way until she hit the finish line. She was determined to finish it and she did, better than that she finished in 3rd place, but because of how hard she fought to finish, she got the same amount as the 2nd place finisher.
I still run at least 2 miles 3 - 4 times a week. There's so many times that my ankles, shin splints, etc start hurting and screaming at me to stop. I usually try to push past the pain and make at least 2 miles. (Weekends I fight to run 3.5) Watching this story about Hyvon, I know that I can definitely push past and try harder. I'm so proud of what she accomplished and finished due to her determination.
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