My Daddy Lies Because of Me

February 19, 2015

This is a tear jerker, and even though we're months away from Father's Day, I still had to post this. My friend Heather posted it Monday on good ole' Facebook, so I watched and immediately shared it on my personal page. I teared up watching it.
There are so many amazing fathers out there that literally sacrifice everything they have to keep their children healthy and happy. I know 3 men that are insanely amazing dads.
My father, Jesus Badillo would be 1st on my list. He made sure we were happy, healthy, and loved his whole life. He's still doing it to this day. Him and my mom raised me, my sister, & my brother to be self sufficient adults and made sure to let us know how special and how loved we were. I can't thank him enough for everything he gave up for his kids.
Next of course is The Hubs.
Wow he's an amazing Dad.
He works more than most anyone I know, and still makes sure to come home and dance in the living room with Bella every night. They work on homework together, and he helps me put her to bed every single night. Bella knows how special she is & how much we love her. He's at every single karate class she takes twice a week, even though he's rushes there from work and ends up having dinner hours later than he should because he wouldn't think of missing her class.
Last and definitely not least is my father in law. Roy Munoz, I am so glad I married into your family. You and Mom have treated me like your own since Eric & I started dating. You raised 2 amazing kids who now are raising amazing kids themselves. Thank you for everything you've given us and please know Eric would not be the man/dad he is if it weren't for you.
So to all the amazing Dad's out there, I salute you.
Thank you for showing your children what true love really means.
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