February 18, 2015

I got these some time ago and use them quite religiously, but pretty sure I never blogged about them before?! Why? No freakin clue, but I've been sucking at all things bloggy, so maybe that's what I'll chalk it up to. Yeah that sounds good.
Oh eyeshadows right...
Can I 1st say what the heck is up with drugstore makeup and the names of their products being a mile long?! Every single makeup product I've liked lately has been a mouthful! Shorten the names for the love of goodness sakes! (End Rant)
I have the 2 colors pictured Bella Café and Bella Sand. Both are insanely gorgeous & both last all day long with no fallout on my eyes. Now let me say that the only reason I originally tried these is because they have the same name as my daughter. (I've done this a few times before... hair place name Bella - check, Restaurant named Bella something - Heck yes I'm in!) But I seriously love both of them. The color payout is awesome and although I honestly don't think they feel very much like gel, they do seem to last pretty well and they go on smoothly.

I give both of these colors a thumbs up and will proceed in purchasing many many more. Much to the dismay of The Hubs!
 photo gray_zps8acabd25.jpg

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