Train Like It

February 20, 2015

Ok gonna be real honest here about my "training".
I don't train.
Okay okay not that easy... see I get asked all the time how I was able to loose weight and keep it off when I eat pretty much what I want (within reason, I'll get into that in a bit!) and I do love my margaritas and wine.
I always tell them 2 words...
Seriously that's it.
I run at least 3x a week.
I run at least 2 miles each run.
But I get my butt up and I run.
I don't have a trainer, I don't go to any "fun" exercise classes.
Yes I do weights, usually just once a week because I hate them.
But mainly I get outside or on a treadmill and I run.
And I never miss a run.
As for eating,
I love me some salads.
I love turkey and chicken.
I don't eat beef, so hamburgers don't sound good to me at all.
But I'm Puerto Rican & I love me some rice and beans.
I love me some Mexican food too and eat it regularly.
If I go out to eat and order something that's extremely fattening...
I eat 1/2 the plate or less.
If I order a margarita, I order a SKINNY MARGARITA.
They taste just as good, but usually have maybe 200 calories or less in them.
I still love my nights of catching up on tv shows and drinking wine with The Hubs,
but now we do that maybe once a week instead of nightly.
It's all about portion sizes
learning that you can't live like you used to and expect to loose weight.
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