Weekend Wrap Up

February 23, 2015

This weekend was just what we needed... a little bit of fun then a full weekend of relaxing and spending time together.
Let's kick it off with Friday night...
Bella had a kids night out at her Karate school, so we dropped her off then headed to dinner with friends. Afterwards we decided to try a new sports bar in Downtown Round Rock called The Rock. Clever name huh?!
Kellie and I enjoying a fun night out.
We had so much fun before going to get Bella. By the time we picked her up, she was exhausted and laid in my lap the whole ride home trying to stay awake.
Saturday we ran some errands and enjoyed the sunshine and 70 degree weather. The Hubs got a new truck last weekend, so he made it look Austinite.
You know we're blinging it out with Horns! #Hookem!
Sunday the weather got stupid cold and rainy, so we stayed indoors all day watching Fixer Upper marathon. Well I watched it, the Hubs & Bella played PS4 games all afternoon.
They even helped me make dinner. I made my famous green chile chicken casserole & it was yummy! Warm and filling, perfect for the rainy day!
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