Magical Night

March 25, 2015

I don't usually do a mid week post about how my week has been. Mainly because I do the same boring crap on a daily basis... work all day, run, cook dinner, etc. yeah I know, BORING.
But last night ended up being pretty magical.
It had been a pretty bad day starting out with getting a nail in my tire, spilling coffee on my white shirt, and having a terrible run. I really was at my wits end with the day, until Eric & Bella came home and changed it.
Eric was cleaning out a file cabinet we keep in the garage when he somehow found an old wallet of mine from college. It was a fake Coach (remember college when you couldn't afford anything real?!) and I loved it! I opened it up to find these 2 gems...
I'm saying has anyone seen a Blockbuster card in the last 10 years?! I think this was actually a gift card in which case it never got used and has absolutely no value now! Ahh the memories though!

This picture hit me quite hard actually. It was my Mom's green card from 1969 when she married my Dad. My mom, God Bless Her, was born and raised in Montreal & never really wanted to become an American citizen. Her and my Dad were married for 33 years before she passed away in 2012. I carried this card around for years after she passed and then "lost" it and was devastated. Finding last night after the day I had reminded me that she is still with me and looking over us.
We finished the night out in the best way. Bella now loves Cinderella after seeing the movie, and wanted to go to a Ball. So after dinner and bath, I turned all the lights down, played Disney music on Pandora, and Eric, Bella, & I danced around our living room with blankets on our back as dresses. She was beaming all night. That was magical.
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