March 11, 2015

I know I'm always late on the bandwagon, mainly because I don't have a whole lot of time to sit and listen to a podcast for hours on end. I had planned on listening next time we went on a road trip, but after reading Sarah's post yesterday about it (and yes I did read the spoilers on her page, I love spoilers!) I went on and started listening on my way home from work. 

Then I got hooked after the 1st podcast, came home, and listened to the 2nd one during my run. DURING MY RUN... who listens to a podcast when you're running?! Me apparently! But so far it's pretty interesting. 

Now I'm only 2 podcasts in, but it gets more interesting the longer I listen. And the crazy thing?! Most of my friends have never heard of it before! Eric asked what I was talking about, along with 2 other friends.  Hello people this thing is GOOD! 

So to all of you who haven't heard anything about it yet, let me give you a little gist... An 18 year old girl in Maryland goes missing January 1999. They find her body a month later and charge her ex-boyfriend with the murder. He's been in prison ever since. But did he do it?! And if he didn't who did? 
So far the most interesting part for me has been to hear about things back then (I too graduated from high school in 1999) and you honestly forget how different things were back then. No texting, most people didn't have cell phones yet, etc. It's so interesting & I'm definitely hooked. 

So far I've been listening on their website, but you can also find it on ITunes. 
Just don't get mad at me when you get hooked on it!

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  1. True story, I love spoilers too!!!! And when I first heard about Serial, people were talking about working out to it. I'm sitting here thinking how on earth could someone work out to a PODCAST... but it is so addicting, you totally can!!


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