Weekend Wrap Up

March 8, 2015

This weekend was so busy and yet so much fun. Saturday morning Eric took my car to get the oil changed, so Bella & I went to the gym. I ran my butt off until I was exhausted. (AKA a great workout)! We came home and got ready then went all over NW Austin shopping & eating. It was a blast! 

Saturday night we went to celebrate Jenny's birthday at their casa. Eric tried skeet shooting, Bella busted her lip open, and I had to take care of them both!! Overall a fun and crazy party! 

Bella even got to see horses, cows, chickens, etc. and loved it! It was great catching up with everyone & being silly like we all always are together. 

Now it's Sunday and we're doing absolutely nothing all day but watching tv and resting. Every once in a blue moon we wake up to realize we're not in our 20's anymore and a night of fun equals lots of rest the next day! 

Happy Monday! 

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