Weekend Wrap Up

March 16, 2015

This weekend we packed up and headed back to my hometown. We haven't been back to the Dallas area since Christmas so it was definitely due. We had been promising Bella we would take her to AT&T Stadium to see where the Cowboys play. She's a diehard Cowboy fan like her parents, so it was time. She was in awe the entire tour and loved every minute of it. 
Bella & I at Texas Stadium

Look at that smile! She lit up when she got to the field!!

My 2 favorite people infront of one of my favorite Cowboy's locker. 

Inside the Cowboy's locker room, we really had the best time!

Afterwards, we headed back to my Dad's and he made the best dinner. We all ate way too much and had a great time catching up. 

Now we're sitting here watching whose getting into March Madness... Texas just got in!! Although I don't see them beating Butler, we will proudly cheer for them the whole game! Hook 'Em!

Have a great (Spring Break) Week!
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