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March 10, 2015

Is anyone else (and I'm pretty sure everyone will raise their hands!) ready for Spring? We haven't even had it that bad here, but I am so sick of the cold dreary days in Austin lately. Thank goodness the sun is out today, even though it's still pretty chilly!
On Thursday we had a "snow day" where the entire town and surrounding areas shut down for the incoming snow and ice... which never came. Seriously, freezing cold and sunny that day. I being the extremely smart person I am bundled up and went for a run. Did I go to the gym in the warmth and run? Hell no that's not me at all... I ran in 24 degree weather OUTSIDE. When I finished and came inside my teeth were hurting from the cold. That's how cold it was for me.
I know Spring usually brings rainy weather, but here in Central Texas it usually brings beautiful 70 & 80 degree days that everyone loves and enjoys. So if that weather could just hurry it's little butt up and get here, we would all appreciate it.
End rant...

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