Nothing Like It

April 7, 2015

Here's what I've been dying for lately...
The Beach
That's it, just sitting her blissfully wishing I was sitting at a beach somewhere with a drink in my hand & sand under my feet.
It's my Heaven.
I've always been a beach girl.
Growing up we never lived close to a beach
(about 9 hours away from the closest beaches in Texas to be exact)
But my parents were amazing and would take us on vacations to different beaches.
I loved it.
And so does Eric & Bella.
We are already looking at cruises for Summer 2016 because we're missing it so much.
I've been buying swimsuits for us like a mad woman just waiting patiently until we can actually wear them again.
It's been in the mid-80's here, but for this Texan girl that's not warm enough yet...
So I'll just sit here and daydream blissfully about the next time my feet hit the sand.
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