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April 22, 2015

I always love updating the blog about my little girl & showing some pride on whatever she is currently achieving. Today is no exception...
Bella started karate in January because she loves any and all sports & this is one she hadn't tried and was dying to try. (Her words exactly.)
She has already moved up to a yellow belt & is working her way to orange.
On Monday she had an amazing class. She got up infront of everyone to say the creed ALONE.
She was amazing & was so proud she was able to do it!
During class Master Crow would say things to her class that they need to be as loud as her or work as hard as she is. I kept giving her a thumbs up because I knew how happy she was that she is doing so well.
Then it happened.
After class Master Crow asked her to stay over.
I got a little worried she did something wrong but he took her to the side for a few minutes.
When she came back she told me he asked if she would be interested in trying out for the black belt school!!
We cheered so much and I was so proud of that little girl!!
Every parent thinks their kid is awesome, but when someone else does, it just makes everything better.
(For Bella & Momma)
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