April 2, 2015

I can't wait for Saturday. Not because I'll be off work, not because I get to sleep in (I don't even know what that means anymore), but because I get to start running again. 

A week ago I went for a run knowing my left leg muscle had pulled a little. I still tried to push past the pain up until I felt a pop in my left calf & shooting pain down my leg. Then I was done.

Once I was able to hobble home & elevate my leg, I realized I wouldn't get to run again for a while. And so we're a week later and the pain is finally gone, but Eric is making me wait a few more days to start back running. 

Here's the thing... I love my Saturday morning runs. 
I love waking up before the rest of my family (and pretty much everyone) and going for a run. 
I love being the only one on the road with my headphones in while the sun comes up. 
But ultimately, I love being done by 8 a.m. and having the whole day ahead of me. 

So here's to Saturday, let's hope this run doesn't end up killing me!
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