Smarty Pants

April 28, 2015

This week Bella had a homework assignment that made us actually get together and figure it out as a family. Don't get me wrong, Eric & I love helping her with regular every day homework, but this was a little bit different...
She had to make a 3D model of an animal.
The animal she got was a Jaguar.
Apparently, most kids made their animals out of clay, but we didn't think like that.
Nope, the 3 of us put our minds together and came up with this.

Oh yeah 3D jaguar in all it's glory!
We started with a large coffee can, and stuffed the tail.
Then made the legs out of paper towel rolls.
It took FOREVER.
But she loves it & was told it was very innovative!
We're so proud and she is showing it at school today.
Sometimes, I forget how hard it is to be in school these days.
With the STAAR testing next year, and everything she has due,
I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these times we have together.
They are fleeting.
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