Weekend Wrap Up

April 6, 2015

Want to know what sucks for Easter Weekend?!
Getting the flu.
Oh yeah that's exactly what my weekend consisted of... ALL WEEKEND.
Friday night I felt great. Got home and Bella wanted to play out front so I went out with her to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. Texted my neighbor to come over and sit with me which ended at 1 a.m. with about 10 more neighbors over having a grand ole' time! (We really do have the best neighbors ever!)
I woke up Saturday morning with what I thought was the absolute worst hangover I've ever had. Except I didn't drink that much, so it wasn't adding up for me. That's when everything hit me at once. Full-on flu.
I had to cancel my girl's lunch (I am so pissed about this!) and Eric ended up taking Bella to our church Easter celebration Saturday afternoon.
Aren't they adorable?! So upset I missed this too, but there's always next year!
(On a side note, we have the BEST CHURCH ever. Gateway Church in Austin is amazing!)
They came back and brought me chicken noodle soup for dinner. I was out by 8 p.m. Woo!
Sunday morning Eric woke me up to remind me the Easter Bunny had come and Bella was starting to wake up. I actually felt somewhat better, so I was able to egg hunt with her.
The Easter Bunny was awesome and brought her an insanely big bunny & camo Easter eggs!
She's in love with anything camo right now & loved the eggs!
So it's Monday morning now & I'm back to normal...
only problem...
Eric caught the flu last night and is now home sick...
Can't catch a break.
Happy Monday.
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