When Did I Become Old?

April 8, 2015

Hello, my name is Summer & apparently I'm old and outdated...
At least that's what my 8 year old daughter told me over the weekend.
We had our weekly Target trip in which we have a complete blast shopping and joking with each other after school.
This past Friday we needed to pick up some sandals for Easter.
I found the cutest pair of sandals & for once in my life she actually agreed with me!
We find her size & try them on... boom they're perfect!
I mention that I wonder if they have them in my size because seriously how cute would it be for us to match?!
And that's when I became old.
She looked at me and said "Ummm... No! Don't embarrass me like that!"
How is matching your cool ass mom embarrassing?!
Apparently I'm not as cool as I thought!
I thought this kinda stuff happened when they became teenagers?!
At least middle school, but 8 years old (2nd grade?!)
I'm not gonna lie it hurt a little, but I got over it...
As you can tell since I'm posting about it a week later!
By the way... here are the said sandals. Flippin adorable!
Target but for girls only!
 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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