Pray For Texas

May 27, 2015

By now everyone has heard about the horrible storms we got Memorial Day.
Tornadoes touched down, rivers, creeks, etc. all overflowed.
Homes & people were lost to the floods.
It wasn't just here in Central Texas, but all over Texas.
Dallas area has gotten hit quite a few times lately
& our beloved Joe Pool Lake I grew up in is completely overflowing.
Houston looks like a lake and not a city.
It's scary & it's sad.
Thank goodness we are okay here, bracing for more storms today, but ok.
Our lake has gone up more than 24 FEET in over a WEEK!
We've been in a drought for I don't know how long, and it is definitely (hopefully!)
coming to an end.
Of course anyone who can help can donate through the Red Cross.
But even if you can't donate, please help me in praying for everyone in the flood zones.
Because this is our 7 day forecast...
And it doesn't look good.
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Memorial Weekend Wrap Up

May 26, 2015

Before I go on and on about our incredible (and extremely wet) long weekend, I want to say thank you to every man & woman that is serving or has served our great nation. Being an Army Brat, I grew up knowing the sacrifice it takes & how much these people do for our country. 
Thank you for your service. 

Friday night we went and saw Eric play soccer. It's only his 3rd game back & he got somewhat hurt. 
This time some guy on the other team stepped on his foot and tripped him. 
It was so bad the guy got a card and was down for 2 minutes. 
Then home, pizza, and bed for all 3 of us!

Saturday morning Bella had karate practice, then we headed to the mall.
We stocked up on clothes & swimsuits for the beach, 
And Bella did the extremely high jumpy thing that always scares me. 
Good times...
Afterwards we hit the pool for about an hour when the sun was actually out.
That's all it lasted because we ended up running to the truck when the downpour started!

 Sunday, we surprised Bella and took her to Mount Playmore
She's been wanting to go for a while, so we thought it would be fun & she loved it!
Afterwards we ended up going to CPK for lunch then back to the pool because it was finally nice and sunny! 

We met up with our friends there and ended up spending an entire afternoon & 
evening enjoying no rain. 
That lasted all of 1 day!

Memorial Day we met up with Eric's family for lunch and played baseball with everyone in the backyard up until the rain started back.
Now we're sitting here watching the news because we're severely flooded 
& their showing these smart people trying to drive in water & having to be rescued. 
Again... fun times.

So here's to a 4 day work week & less than 2 weeks till Vacay!!!
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Catching Up

May 21, 2015

Doing a little blog cleaning here and decided to catch y'all up on what's been going on in our little world lately.
Lately (as in the past 3 weeks) it has rained here. It's flipping the end of May and today's high is 76 and it's pouring outside. Everywhere around Central Texas is literally flooded. Our lake has risen 11' in the last 2 weeks due to all the rain & they are saying it'll stay well past Memorial weekend.
Which also means running outside has been somewhat of a challenge. I love running in light rain because it really helps cool you off, but lately it's either just finished raining and the humidity is well over 100%, or it's down pouring and there's no way to run in that. So I run when I can. It sucks because we have 2 weeks left until our beach vacation & trust me, I need to run!
I've just been dealing with it and running in the pouring rain or exact opposite blazing hot sun.
Yay me...
Bella made it into black belt training!
She is doing awesome at karate & her teachers asked her to try out for black belt training.
She did awesome & just got all of her new equipment last night.
She loves sparring & the bow staff.
She literally wore her helmet all the way home.
(We made her take it off to go into HEB cause we didn't want to scare the patrons!)
We are now in full vacation mode at home.
Shopping & getting everything ready for the beach,
plus working out like crazy so we don't look horrible while we're there!
We haven't packed yet ( I wanted to but Eric said I'm crazy & to calm down)
but are buying all the sunblocks, towels, bathing suits, etc. for it!
C'mon SPI!
Bella has 2 weeks left of 2nd grade.
I took the last day of school off to be with her like we've done every year.
I can't believe my little girl is going into 3rd grade.
I swear I'm too young for that! Ha!
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May 19, 2015

So I saw this yesterday and thought how can women choose average for themselves?
Then I thought if it were me, would I have the guts and self confidence to walk through the beautiful door? I honestly don't know.
Then I look at my daughter, who is the most beautiful little girl I have ever met.
With her tomboy, sports loving, not caring, high top wearing self & think
Does she think she's beautiful?
Because my God she is!
All women no matter what size, shape, hair color, eye color, etc. are beautiful.
We all have something that makes us beautiful.
And we should all walk through the beautiful door without even blinking.
Because we ALL are special, beautiful, and deserve to be treated as so.
I hope my daughter grows up to realize she is insanely beautiful inside and out.
I pray that she never thinks of herself as ugly or not good enough.
I hope I can instill in her enough self confidence to know she is worth it.
No Matter What.
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Weekend Wrap Up

May 18, 2015

This weekend was full of laying out by the pool, birthday celebration, & spending time with mi familia. 
Friday night I did absolutely nothing. I had to be at work Saturday morning, so I took it easy with Eric & Bella. 

After work ended I met up with them & we did a bunch of shopping. Bella was staying at Grandma's that night so we went over there and were able to catch up with them. 

Afterwards, Eric & I decided to grab lunch and have a few beers on the patio. The food was delicious & the weather was FINALLY amazing. It's been raining and flooding here for almost 2 weeks now, so a little sun was much needed! 
We decided to enjoy it to the max and went to the pool afterwards. We were literally the only people there so we put on some music & just enjoyed spending time by ourselves. 

Saturday night we celebrated Sonia's birthday. The 3 of us went out for sushi & ended up going to a few bars afterwards. We had the best time talking and laughing like we always do!

Now it's Sunday, Bella's having a play date with her friend & Eric and I just finished a run. We're planning on grilling steaks for dinner & finishing this weekend off right! 

Happy Monday, let's hope this week flies by so our Memorial weekend starts!
Hello Summertime!
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Sephora Haul

May 12, 2015

Can you technically call buying 3 products at Sephora a haul?!
For me, YES because I ended up spending $100 on these 3 things and let me tell you...
They were worth it!
Background, Eric got me a gift card to Sephora for Mother's Day. (He's pretty awesome!)
The day after I got it, I spent every last penny on the card.
I got 3 things and am in love with them all...
Kat Von D Everlasting Bronzer - I found this right before I was going to check out. I've been searching for a really good bronzer for the summer time & ran into this one. It comes in 2 shades, a lighter one (Shady Business) & a darker (Shady Business II). The lighter one was already sold out, so I swatched the darker & fell in love. Grabbed the last one! It goes on so smoothly and blends flawlessly!
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - I've heard nothing but amazing reviews on this foundation & I was definitely looking for a more lightweight one before the heat of the summer hits. I found the perfect color for my skin tone (3.5) and when I tried it, it was weightless but yet covers and looks awesome. I'm so excited because it really does last all day.
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - I know I know, this is a cult favorite, but for some reason I've never tried it. Probably because it's $29, but I gave in and thought I'd give it a whirl. Holy moly I'm glad I did! This creamer is thick but not cakey, blends seamlessly & lasts all day long! Even covers my dark circles which isn't an easy task! Now I see what all the rave is about!
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Weekend Wrap Up - Mothers Day!

May 11, 2015

This weekend was amazingly fun and the best part was spending all of it with my loves.
Saturday morning I woke up before the sun and my family all did and went for a run. Honestly it's my favorite time to run because no one is awake and I get to watch the sunrise while I get my run in. I even beat my fastest mile! Score!
After the run we took Bella to karate where she tried out for black belt training. She did awesome & was invited to join! We're so proud of that little girl!
We celebrated by going to one of our favorite little towns, Gruene,TX. We ate a delicious lunch at the Gristmill, then went to Gruene Hall for a beer and live music.
Bella danced around and had a wonderful time. We did some shopping and finished a the Grapevine Winery with a glass of one of my favorite wines, Ghost Rider.
Saturday night we went to our friends' house and played Texas Hold Em.  I sucked. Like 1st one who.lost all of their money sucked! Whew keep me away from the tables in Vegas please!
Sunday morning I was treated to brunch at Z Tejas. Glorious yummy food. Exactly what I wanted!
We spent the day shopping and finally got to go to the pool Sunday afternoon.
Wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sausage Cream Cheese Rolls

May 5, 2015

I've made these a few times for my family and I will warn you they are messy!
But they are even more delicious!!
I adapted the recipe from here.
Cream Cheese Sausage Pinwheels
1 Roll Breakfast Sausage
1 Tube Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1 Pkg Softened Cream Cheese

Brown sausage and drain.
In a large bowl, combine cooked sausage with softened cream cheese.
Remove crescent roll dough from packaging do not separate sections, and roll out into a rectangle, sealing the perforated areas with your fingers- so the cream cheese doesn't come out during cooking.
Spread the cream cheese mixture over the dough in a thin even layer.

 Roll the dough lengthwise. This way you'll get more at the end.

Once rolled up- refrigerate for at least 20 minutes or 10 minutes in the freezer if you're in a rush.
Cut in about 1/4" sections and lay on baking sheet.
Bake for about 25 minutes at 375.

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Weekend Wrap Up

May 4, 2015

This weekend really was one of the best weekends we've had in forever. And it was all unplanned, which for me is insane.
Friday night Bella stayed at Grandma & Grandpa's, so Eric & I took advantage and went on an actual date! We usually end up going out with friends when we have a night off, but decided we wanted to keep it low key and just each other.
We started off with sushi & ended with shopping!
It was a great date!
Saturday we were trying to figure out something fun and different to do and ended up surprising Bella and taking her to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. She was so excited! We honestly haven't been to a zoo since she was around 3 or 4, so it was definitely time.
Bella had the 3D animal project at school last week all about Jaguars. We made sure and found them and took a pic of her infront of them! Side note: She was scared to death to be anywhere near them! This was a quick picture before she ran away!

I honestly can't say what animal is in the background but it looked cool so we took a picture!
Plus it was shaded which was much cooler than as opposed to taking them in the blazing sunlight!

Funny story of the day: The alligator above was on the other side of the water when we got there.
It immediately saw Bella and started swimming right towards her watching her the whole time.
Bella literally stood there frozen watching him come at her, he hit his nose on the glass then dove down. This is right when he was diving and I honestly didn't zoom at all on the picture.
There's one place we always have to stop at as we're driving by and they just opened a new HUGE one in Temple, so of course we stopped at
We grabbed a bunch of munchies for the drive home.
It's a Texas staple y'all!
Happy Monday!

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