May 19, 2015

So I saw this yesterday and thought how can women choose average for themselves?
Then I thought if it were me, would I have the guts and self confidence to walk through the beautiful door? I honestly don't know.
Then I look at my daughter, who is the most beautiful little girl I have ever met.
With her tomboy, sports loving, not caring, high top wearing self & think
Does she think she's beautiful?
Because my God she is!
All women no matter what size, shape, hair color, eye color, etc. are beautiful.
We all have something that makes us beautiful.
And we should all walk through the beautiful door without even blinking.
Because we ALL are special, beautiful, and deserve to be treated as so.
I hope my daughter grows up to realize she is insanely beautiful inside and out.
I pray that she never thinks of herself as ugly or not good enough.
I hope I can instill in her enough self confidence to know she is worth it.
No Matter What.
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