Memorial Weekend Wrap Up

May 26, 2015

Before I go on and on about our incredible (and extremely wet) long weekend, I want to say thank you to every man & woman that is serving or has served our great nation. Being an Army Brat, I grew up knowing the sacrifice it takes & how much these people do for our country. 
Thank you for your service. 

Friday night we went and saw Eric play soccer. It's only his 3rd game back & he got somewhat hurt. 
This time some guy on the other team stepped on his foot and tripped him. 
It was so bad the guy got a card and was down for 2 minutes. 
Then home, pizza, and bed for all 3 of us!

Saturday morning Bella had karate practice, then we headed to the mall.
We stocked up on clothes & swimsuits for the beach, 
And Bella did the extremely high jumpy thing that always scares me. 
Good times...
Afterwards we hit the pool for about an hour when the sun was actually out.
That's all it lasted because we ended up running to the truck when the downpour started!

 Sunday, we surprised Bella and took her to Mount Playmore
She's been wanting to go for a while, so we thought it would be fun & she loved it!
Afterwards we ended up going to CPK for lunch then back to the pool because it was finally nice and sunny! 

We met up with our friends there and ended up spending an entire afternoon & 
evening enjoying no rain. 
That lasted all of 1 day!

Memorial Day we met up with Eric's family for lunch and played baseball with everyone in the backyard up until the rain started back.
Now we're sitting here watching the news because we're severely flooded 
& their showing these smart people trying to drive in water & having to be rescued. 
Again... fun times.

So here's to a 4 day work week & less than 2 weeks till Vacay!!!
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