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June 30, 2015

Lately I have been into Instagramming A LOT!
I've been on Instagram for years, but never used it as much as of late.
Incase you want to check my instagram account I'm at SummerMZ.
So here's the last 3 pictures I instagrammed & reasons behind them.
Last night Bella had her 1st class as an orange belt.
This was right before she went to class to celebrate her new belt.
I talk a lot about her karate because this is the 1st time she has stuck with a sport
for so long and is still excited about it.
She loves working towards the next belt & is so proud of herself when she does!
It's such a great feeling seeing her excel so well at it!

Don't mess with me!
That's the only reason I posted this...

Saturday morning run.
Longest run since hurting my knee.
Hence the extremely slow pace, but I did a 5k without stopping.
Can't wait for Friday morning to run another long run.
What do you instagram about?
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Weekend Wrap Up - Crawl Style

June 29, 2015

This was such an awesome weekend for us.
Extremely busy and crazy, but awesome!
Friday I left work and went straight to Bella's karate graduation.
She graduated to an orange belt & we were so proud of her!
She's so excited because tonight is her 1st practice in orange belt!
Afterwards, we went with Grandpa for dinner at Hat Creek Hamburgers.
It opened in Round Rock last weekend, & the place was packed!!
Delicious burgers and a great time!
Saturday was our 8th annual Crawl for Cancer.
We had a much smaller team this year, which made it actually better!
I'm pretty proud of us.
We managed to crawl, drink a ton of water (along with the beer)
And be okay all day!

It was so hot but we had a blast!
Definitely keeping the tradition alive next year!

Love these girls so much.
It's always a blast when we all get together.
Laughing constantly!
After the crawl we picked Bella up and relaxed at home the rest of the night.
Sunday we went to church then did housework.
It was another sunny & hot day, so we decided to go to the pool.
About 20 minutes after we got there the skies got super dark
& rain poured down... AGAIN!
We think we're jinxed at this point!
Overall such an awesome fun weekend!
Hello 4 day work week!
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June 26, 2015

If there was one TV show last season I was severely disappointed with...
It was Reign.
But this past season was terrible.
They made Mary into a complete bitch
I wasn't happy.
Eric & I both watch it and thought it went way off the rails.
My hair girl Amanda also watches it and was like WTF is up with this season!?
Apparently, we're not the only ones.
The CW station changed their viewing day to Friday
which everyone knows means chopping block to any show!
(Btw Originals is now going to be after Vampire Diaries, so I'm quite happy about that!)
I really hope they turn this season around and it gets wayyy better.
Now that I sound like a complete teenager, I will log off here.
One more thing,
Suits started back on Wednesday,
I couldn't be happier!
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Scream Queens

June 25, 2015

If there is one NEW Fall TV Show premiere I can't wait to see it's
Scream Queens.
Have y'all seen the trailer?
It's a murder mystery but also quite funny!
I think Emma Roberts is going to kill it (pun intended)
as the royal biatch of the Kappa Sorority!
Scream Queens premieres September 22, 2015 on Fox!
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Time to Crawl

June 23, 2015

On Saturday we will have our yearly Crawl for Cancer here in Austin!
If you're new to my blog, you have no clue what I'm talking about.
If you're someone whose heard me blog about it for years, then I super apologize for the same post again...
It's a national pub crawl benefiting Cancer research locally.
So where ever you crawl your money stays in town to help people closest to home.
The nitty gritty of it goes a little something like this...

There's teams of 10 - 12 people (you can have multiple teams) that go to 5 bars.
Each bar you get 4 pitchers of beer to drink,
plus there is usually games, hundreds of people to meet, etc.
There's also after parties with more beer,
but us old folks haven't made one of those in forever!
The greatest thing about it, my friends and I have been crawling for 8 years now!
Sure some people haven't made every crawl, but overall, we all get together
to have a blast and support Cancer research.
The picture above is EXACTLY why we crawl.
My mom's name is on it, as well as my friends' parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, & their friends who didn't beat cancer.
There's also a survivors & currently fighting group of names too.
Thank God we were able to add names to the survivors list this year and not in memory of.
Yeah it's a really really fun day, but it's also something that is near to our hearts!
So here's to helping kick cancer's ass & having a great time while we do!
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Weekend Wrap Up

June 22, 2015

Oh what a weekend it was!
Father's Day & Eric's birthday rolled into the same weekend.
Let the celebrating begin!
Saturday morning we took Bella over to her grandparents' house.
They were going to a wedding and she wanted to join,
so Eric & I decided to spend the day together just us.
I took him out for sushi during lunch, then we ran some errands,
& watched the US Open Saturday afternoon.
I'm not a huge fan of golf except when it's The Masters or US Open.
It was fun just having a day to ourselves, nice and relaxing.
Saturday night we went out with friends to dinner at The Salt Lick in Driftwood.
It's one of our favorite bbq places in Central Texas.
On the way the skies opened up and rain POURED down.
We luckily didn't get too wet walking in
& found a good spot for the almost 2 hour wait!
It actually flew by just hanging out catching up.
Standing in front of the vineyards between rain pours!
After dinner we went to Cake Balls Austin for dessert then headed to Grahams for some country dancing.
It ended up being a very late night, but so much fun!
Kellie & I at Grahams.
The Bud Light girls came by handing out Lei's.
We thought it was hilarious!
Sunday we picked Bella up early
& headed to see Inside Out.
The movie was adorable & we all 3 loved it!
After the movies we spent the day with Eric's family celebrating Father's Day
swimming, grilling, & watching golf.
Such a great weekend!
Next up... Crawl Weekend!!  
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Happy Birthday Love!

June 18, 2015

My husband has officially hit his "mid-30's"!
Today he turns 34.
Bella & I have been joking all week that he's about to be old,
but in reality,
he's still young(ish!)
We've been celebrating birthdays together since we were 18 years old.
It's crazy to think how fast time flies,
but I wouldn't want to have celebrated any of them
with anyone else.
So Love,
I hope you have the best birthday yet.
I can't wait to celebrate it & many more
I love you.
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Best Drugstore Makeup for the Summer

June 17, 2015

 Lez be honest real quick.
If I'm lounging at a beach or even a pool,
there's no way I'm wearing any makeup.
Sunblock? Yes!!
Makeup?? NO!!
But I do have some go to makeup from the drugstore that I use on a daily basis in the summer time.
Most of it has "luminous" properties, because I like the glowy look during the hotter months.
AKA I like looking like a disco ball while sweating.
Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation - 1st off can they make a longer name for this?! I think not. But that aside, I love this new foundation. It has a pump which makes it awesome already in my book. Plus it goes on smoothly and doesn't come off 1/2 way through the day.
Sweat and all.
 Hard Candy Baked Bronzer - I bought this while on vacation at Walmart & I friggin love this stuff! It blends pretty good and gives me an all over glow. This is definitely NOT a contouring bronzer, but for a nice all over the face bronzer, this is awesome!
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder - Ok makeup companies, learn to shorten the names of your products!! {End Rant}
I love this stuff! It's finely milled, and goes on like a dream. Not heavy at all and keeps everything in place all day long.
Milani Baked Powder Blush - I only wear one color from this line... Luminoso.
It's my absolute favorite blush I own!
I have high end and drugstore blushes by the dozen but on a daily basis,
I always reach for it.
I almost hit pan already!
Loreal Paris Infallible Makeup Setting Spray - I bought this when it 1st came out a few months ago and LOVE it. I have almost finished the bottle.
A little much?!  Probably!
But it's amazing and really does set my makeup all day long.
It's a lifesaver in the heat and humidity!
What are your go-to products for the summer? 
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A Little Extra

June 16, 2015

I thought I posted all recent pictures I have taken or gotten lately, but apparently not...
So here's 3 more with explanations.
This was Sunday.
The last post tells you what happened, but we got to the pool and it was sunny and warm,
this was 10 minutes later.
Holy heck Batman it rained like crazy.
The hubbies and kids stayed in until they heard thunder then they were out!

One of the only pictures of the 3 of us at the beach.
I love this picture of us, mainly because we had just gotten back from the beach.
No makeup, hair was a mess, but we were all so blissfully happy!

My car yesterday.
Apparently a large rock crashed through my window while I was driving down the highway.
I can't make this stuff up people, it was scary!
Thank goodness no one was in the car with me at the time.
So that about brings us to today.
I have Eric's truck for work, he's getting the window fixed, and
hopefully no more crazy scary things happen to us!
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Weekend Wrap Up

June 15, 2015

Ugh it's Monday which means back to reality for us!
Which really sucks because I feel I'm still meant to be on the beach right now...
Anyhoo this weekend we decided to go back to my hometown in Dallas and see my family.
If anyone is calculating, that means we pretty much drove the whole state of Texas in a week.
Eric's truck is exhausted!
Friday we pretty much spent the day with my family hanging out and taking it easy.
Eric's birthday (& Father's day for all you slackers out there!)
is this coming week, so for his gift he decided he wanted the Fitbit Surge.
He realized how much I'm loving mine and wanted to get one to help him with working out more.
We went to Best Buy and got it then headed back home to have dinner and watch movies with the fam.
Saturday we swung by and picked up my nephew, Austyn.
Bella and him are super close so we decided to take them to Dave & Busters.
Let's just say they had a blast!
Eric & I even got in on the action and played a little 4 person air hockey.
I proceeded to loose badly, then take pictures of the rest of them.
I suck like that!

We spent quite a few hours there playing every game possible, then ran a few more errands before heading back and having dinner with my whole family.
Sunday we came home after breakfast and ended up getting Bella a pair of Nike Airs for camp.
She is insanely in love with them, so it was a win-win.
Thank you Nike Outlet!
We ended the day at the pool with our friends.
I'd usually post pictures here but seeing as it started pouring about 20 minutes after we got there,
I got nada.
Overall it really was a great weekend
an amazing vacation!
Here's to the work week...
Lord let it fly by and the weekend get here quickly!

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Vacay Wrap Up

June 11, 2015

Technically, we're still on vacation, but we are back from the beach!
Sun tanned and happy, that's how you can describe the 3 of us. 

Please note: These photos are in no order, because seriously,
what's the fun in that?!

The only picture the 3 of us took together.
I'm realizing I'm starting to suck at remembering to take pictures all the time. 
Probably to the relief of my family though!

We pretty much spent every waking moment either at the beach getting sun tanned or at the pool also getting tanned. My skin has gotten so dark I had to invest in new foundation! 
But I digress...

Our entire vacation consisted of relaxing on the beach and 
swimming in the ocean from sun up to sun down. 
It was pure Heaven.

We also went to Schlitterbahn SPI for a day. 
Here's the awesomeness of that water park...
It's FREE to park, and they allow coolers!
So you can bring food & non-alcoholic drinks into the waterpark!
Seriously, do I have the cutest kid or what?!
In case you're wondering, we got her swimsuit at Crazy 8's for $11!

Overall we had just a fabulous time with the whole family!
Tomorrow we head to Dallas to spend some time with my family. 
Makes for the absolute perfect vacation.
Happy Friday!
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Why I'm the Best & Worst at Traveling

June 5, 2015

Let's start this off by saying I LOVE to travel.
Eric & I try to go somewhere every year.
It's in our blood & we've passed it onto Bella.
This is a good & bad thing...
Planes don't bother me at all.
I'm always happy to fly as long as there's not a screaming baby on board.
Usually I sleep most of the flights anyway, so it never phases me.
It's the hours before we leave that I suck at.
Before any trip I'm a nervous wreck.
I have a very short temper,
and I have to make sure we have every last thing packed.
Eric knows to just leave me alone and let me get through this stage on my own.
Once we get on the road or to the airport it all disappears.
I'm totally relaxed and normal again.
I have no idea why I'm like this, but I always am.
Also, I am awesome at falling asleep on road trips.
Doesn't matter what seat or position I am in, I'll more than likely fall asleep.
Which is good, because if I'm awake,
I'm turning the radio to a different station every song I hate.
And I hate a lot of songs!
Technically I do this any time I'm in the car,
but it's a lot worse when we have 6 hour drive ahead of us.
I am an awesome packer.
I can shove practically anything into a suitcase no matter how packed it already is.
I never forget to pack anything ever.
I over pack like a crazy person.
Literally last year we went to Vegas for 5 days
I had 2 large suitcases just for me.
I blame this on thinking that I never know where we're going
so I have to pack everything just in case.
I might have actually used 1/2 of 1 suitcase the whole time I was there.
Lastly, the days leading up to the vacation.
I'm usually sick.
Like get a cold or stomach aches or something of that matter.
It's because in my crazy mind,
I fear leaving.
Even if only for a few days.
I hate being too far away from home.
Something inside of me gets so nervous &
it's all I can think about.
I usually panic about 1/2 way through our trip
because I'm ready to go home.
Eric knows I'm crazy like that & calms me down.
Then I'm golden the rest of the trip.
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June 4, 2015

It's time for our annual trip to
South Padre Island!
In a few days we will be heading to the beach to enjoy sun, sand, & drinks in hand!
I swear it seems like forever waiting until vacation starts,
but when its here the whole week just flies by.
Before we head out, I will be celebrating Bella's last day of 2nd grade.
We will have our annual check her out early, then spend the day shopping, eating, going to the movies, etc.
Just her & I.
It's one of my favorite days every year.
Then we pack up the truck tonight & head out 1st thing tomorrow morning!
This will be my view for the next week... so I will definitely be MIA here until we get back.
here we come!
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Stick to a Schedule

June 2, 2015

Let me preface this post by saying:
I have the worst time getting Bella to do homework/practice.
So Momma got smart and made these!
I put these up in our kitchen and made Daddy & Bella promise to stick to them.
These are definitely for the summer time once she finishes school,
because she has a strict 8:30p.m. bed time during school.
The reason we're working with flash cards & a workbook is to make sure she retains everything for 3rd grade. If she's anything like me, she doesn't give one thought to school work all summer and then sucks when she gets back for the 1st few weeks!
So far it seems to be going well, we only started it last Thursday,
so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can hold up for the summer.
I'll make sure and update here in a month or so on how good we're actually doing!
Keep ya fingers crossed for me!

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I Caved

June 1, 2015

I finally gave in this weekend and bought me a Fitbit.
I ended up getting the Fitbit Charge without the heart rate monitor.
I almost got it with, but my phone has a heart rate monitor on it already,
so I figured no need to have 2.
I've had it for all of 12 hours now & already LOVE it!
I set my alarm on it last night and it woke me up no problem this morning.
It also tracked my sleep patterns
(which told me I was restless for an hr total all night! Eek!)
It's just perfect!
In other weekend news, we got all of our necessities for vacay,
went to the pool yesterday & got a little red!
And yes I applied sunscreen just apparently not enough!
I think we were all just so excited to see the sun finally come back!
I also got to celebrate my friend's 2nd daughter coming soon!
We all went to brunch and caught up with her it was fabulous!
Happy Monday!
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