June 26, 2015

If there was one TV show last season I was severely disappointed with...
It was Reign.
But this past season was terrible.
They made Mary into a complete bitch
I wasn't happy.
Eric & I both watch it and thought it went way off the rails.
My hair girl Amanda also watches it and was like WTF is up with this season!?
Apparently, we're not the only ones.
The CW station changed their viewing day to Friday
which everyone knows means chopping block to any show!
(Btw Originals is now going to be after Vampire Diaries, so I'm quite happy about that!)
I really hope they turn this season around and it gets wayyy better.
Now that I sound like a complete teenager, I will log off here.
One more thing,
Suits started back on Wednesday,
I couldn't be happier!
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