I Caved

June 1, 2015

I finally gave in this weekend and bought me a Fitbit.
I ended up getting the Fitbit Charge without the heart rate monitor.
I almost got it with, but my phone has a heart rate monitor on it already,
so I figured no need to have 2.
I've had it for all of 12 hours now & already LOVE it!
I set my alarm on it last night and it woke me up no problem this morning.
It also tracked my sleep patterns
(which told me I was restless for an hr total all night! Eek!)
It's just perfect!
In other weekend news, we got all of our necessities for vacay,
went to the pool yesterday & got a little red!
And yes I applied sunscreen just apparently not enough!
I think we were all just so excited to see the sun finally come back!
I also got to celebrate my friend's 2nd daughter coming soon!
We all went to brunch and caught up with her it was fabulous!
Happy Monday!
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