Stick to a Schedule

June 2, 2015

Let me preface this post by saying:
I have the worst time getting Bella to do homework/practice.
So Momma got smart and made these!
I put these up in our kitchen and made Daddy & Bella promise to stick to them.
These are definitely for the summer time once she finishes school,
because she has a strict 8:30p.m. bed time during school.
The reason we're working with flash cards & a workbook is to make sure she retains everything for 3rd grade. If she's anything like me, she doesn't give one thought to school work all summer and then sucks when she gets back for the 1st few weeks!
So far it seems to be going well, we only started it last Thursday,
so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can hold up for the summer.
I'll make sure and update here in a month or so on how good we're actually doing!
Keep ya fingers crossed for me!

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