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June 30, 2015

Lately I have been into Instagramming A LOT!
I've been on Instagram for years, but never used it as much as of late.
Incase you want to check my instagram account I'm at SummerMZ.
So here's the last 3 pictures I instagrammed & reasons behind them.
Last night Bella had her 1st class as an orange belt.
This was right before she went to class to celebrate her new belt.
I talk a lot about her karate because this is the 1st time she has stuck with a sport
for so long and is still excited about it.
She loves working towards the next belt & is so proud of herself when she does!
It's such a great feeling seeing her excel so well at it!

Don't mess with me!
That's the only reason I posted this...

Saturday morning run.
Longest run since hurting my knee.
Hence the extremely slow pace, but I did a 5k without stopping.
Can't wait for Friday morning to run another long run.
What do you instagram about?
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