Why I'm the Best & Worst at Traveling

June 5, 2015

Let's start this off by saying I LOVE to travel.
Eric & I try to go somewhere every year.
It's in our blood & we've passed it onto Bella.
This is a good & bad thing...
Planes don't bother me at all.
I'm always happy to fly as long as there's not a screaming baby on board.
Usually I sleep most of the flights anyway, so it never phases me.
It's the hours before we leave that I suck at.
Before any trip I'm a nervous wreck.
I have a very short temper,
and I have to make sure we have every last thing packed.
Eric knows to just leave me alone and let me get through this stage on my own.
Once we get on the road or to the airport it all disappears.
I'm totally relaxed and normal again.
I have no idea why I'm like this, but I always am.
Also, I am awesome at falling asleep on road trips.
Doesn't matter what seat or position I am in, I'll more than likely fall asleep.
Which is good, because if I'm awake,
I'm turning the radio to a different station every song I hate.
And I hate a lot of songs!
Technically I do this any time I'm in the car,
but it's a lot worse when we have 6 hour drive ahead of us.
I am an awesome packer.
I can shove practically anything into a suitcase no matter how packed it already is.
I never forget to pack anything ever.
I over pack like a crazy person.
Literally last year we went to Vegas for 5 days
I had 2 large suitcases just for me.
I blame this on thinking that I never know where we're going
so I have to pack everything just in case.
I might have actually used 1/2 of 1 suitcase the whole time I was there.
Lastly, the days leading up to the vacation.
I'm usually sick.
Like get a cold or stomach aches or something of that matter.
It's because in my crazy mind,
I fear leaving.
Even if only for a few days.
I hate being too far away from home.
Something inside of me gets so nervous &
it's all I can think about.
I usually panic about 1/2 way through our trip
because I'm ready to go home.
Eric knows I'm crazy like that & calms me down.
Then I'm golden the rest of the trip.
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