Reason #1

July 14, 2015

I saw this on Pinterest and thought
Wow! This is me to a T!
Between work, husband, daughter, karate,
cooking, cleaning, laundry,
2 older dogs, etc. to take care of,
my life is hectic.
But when I go for my run,
it's just me & my thoughts.
I decide how far to run,
I control how fast or slow I want to go that day.
It's all me & I love it.
I get asked all the time,
what made me decide to start running.
And do I love to run now?
My answers are always 1) Eric & 2) NO!
1) Eric was the one who told me it's the fastest way to loose weight.
(He forgot to mention how much it beats my body up!)
He kept telling me to take it easy, start short slow runs.
A year and a half later, I'm usually running
between 2-4 miles!
(I'm still slow! I don't care though)
2) NO!
I hate running.
I dread my run all day at work.
I dread it on my drive to the gym/home to run.
But when I get running something changes.
I start loving it.
The music blaring in my ears,
the only part of my day I'm actually alone.
And when I'm done,
I LOVE it!
Lets be honest, running sucks.
It's hard on your body
(I have shin splints, sprained ankles, & runner's knee from it)
It's hard.
But it really is awesome once you get started!
And it helped me loose exactly how much I wanted to loose,
so you should try it out.
But make sure to start slow & short,
you'll love yourself a year from now!
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