Vegas Wrap Up... Finally

July 27, 2015

So let's be quite honest here and tell you that I shall not talk about the crazy times
that were spent this past week in Vegas.
I will PG this post and only show pics
and talk about the trip in good fashion.
End Rant.
1st off let me say that I do not like flying home late Saturday night,
and starting work Monday morning.
My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. this morning,
which to me is 2:45 a.m. Vegas time.
That would be what time I was usually going to bed...
Now for the pictures!
This was the view from our hotel room.
We stayed at Planet Hollywood & loved it!
Confusing as hell to get in and out of the casino there,
but still a great place to stay!

Eric did a lot of this...
We lost a lot of $$$.
Ah isn't this hotel pretty?
It's the Cosmopolitan Hotel
We actually talked about staying here sometime,
now... not so much.
We saw 2 shows while we were there...
Beatles Love & Absinthe.
Both were amazing,
both I would definitely see again!

This is us cheering our 1st drink at Hard Rock...
Between 2 beers (in hand),
Macaroni & Cheese for me,
Salad for Eric,
Our bill came to $100!
I shit you not, it was insane!!

Me & one of my besties.
We had the best time together,
pretty much like we always do!

And of course,
we had to take cute selfie together last night in town.
Such a fun vacay,
but definitely glad to be home...
 Mainly because we got to do this all day Sunday...
And she loved it!
Happy Monday!
 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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