Weekend Wrap Up - 4th Style

July 6, 2015

We had a blast July 4th weekend.
Maybe a little too much.
All 3 of us are really worn down and not feeling 100% today.
We're hoping its from the weekend and not some bug going around.
(Beware tons of photos in this post!)
So Friday Eric & I had off work & took full advantage of it.
Bella decided she wanted to go to summer camp for the day, so we met up with friends for lunch
which ended up turning into having some beers at a new restaurant off Lake Travis.
The lake is finally up and looks beautiful!
We had a great time, then got Bella & went to dinner.
Saturday we woke up early for the Cat Hollow 4th of July parade.
It was actually pretty cloudy so we were worried it would get rained out,
but nope it ended up being sunny and super humid outside instead!

The parade was so cute & the fire department came to cool everyone off afterwards.

Bella finished the parade by going into a foam pit filled with bubbles.
Look at that smile, she was in Heaven!

After the parade and festivities, we went to another festival, then rested before the night started.
We ended up having a shrimp boil with the neighbors & shooting fireworks all night.
The kids loved it (and so did their parents!)
It was a blast!
We actually slept in Sunday morning, then did housework.
We finished the weekend off at the pool having a blast with the neighbors.

My phone takes amazing pictures in motion.
Too bad I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the phone!

Bella always tries to "dive" into the pool.
She usually ends up belly flopping in!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.
Now to rest....
 photo 3_zpsxmppg7vk.jpg

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