August 14, 2015

Wow another year has gone by in my life.
It almost seems depressing instead of happy.
So I turn 34 today and usually I blog about what's happened the last year in my life, and what's to come, but instead of dwelling on the past, I only want to talk about the future.
In this next year...
Eric & I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary
16 years together.
Yes, we're old.
Also, Bella will be starting 3rd grade soon & will turn 9 in January.
Yes, I'm old.
As for me, I plan on changing a few things around in my life this coming year.
(See previous post)
I also plan to spend it happier and more grateful than I did last year.
Bad things happen, but I am going to make a conscious effort to try and deal with those better than I have in the past.
I plan to change my attitude to a lot of things & try to overall be a happier person than I am now.
We will be celebrating my 34th tonight with some of our closest friends,
& I plan to have quite a few cocktails during the night!
Here's to hoping I can wake up Saturday not hungover and regretting Friday night!
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