Catching Up

August 19, 2015

I'll be honest here and say that it's the end of the summer,
the days are insanely hot,
and blogging is at a stand still for me.
At our casa, we're getting ready to remodel the huge front room & stairs this weekend,
while also getting ready for school to start next Tuesday!
Other than those shenanigans, it's pretty normal and quiet in the Munoz residence.
Bella's working her little behind off to get a purple belt in September...
Look at that determination!
She missed a class or two last month due to not feeling well,
so we're making sure not to miss a single class this month & next.
And good Lord is she exhausted!
After being at camp all day, I pick her up,
get dinner cooked & fed,
then head straight to karate.
It's exhausting for her & you can tell she's just trying her hardest
to make it through!
Thank goodness next week school starts & she'll be in AC all day again!
Last night I got to meet up with this pretty lady for a belated birthday celebration.
Sonia & I have been best friends for years,
and when it's one of our birthdays we take the birthday girl out for sushi.
We had a blast last night catching up, having some wine, & delicious sushi.
Love this girl!
I'll be posting before and after shots of our house next week here.
Hope and pray that it'll turn out well!
We're not huge into remodeling, but we sure are going to try!
Happy Wednesday!
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