August 11, 2015

I have this overwhelming feeling that life will be changing for me soon.
No no babies or anything changing with Eric, but in a totally different way.
I am going to be vague about it on here for now,
but let's just say I haven't been happy for a while now.
Family life is good, but I feel like I'm missing out on the fun times with my husband and baby girl because I'm usually either stressed, mad, depressed, etc.
Or lucky me, a combo of all of those emotions rolled into one.
And I intend to change that.
On Friday I am turning 34.
Not a huge birthday but definitely a chance to start new.
Change a lot of things I hate or am unhappy with in my life.
I'm lucky because Eric knows what's going on & is behind me 100%.
He just wants the old me back,
the me that was happy, laughing constantly instead of crying.
The me that wanted to get out and have fun with my family
instead of sitting at home depressed all the time.
And I want the old me back too.
So hopefully in the coming months,
things will start changing
& life will start getting better and brighter for me.
At least I can hope (and make an effort)
to change it for the better.
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