The Evolution of My 3rd Grader

August 28, 2015

One thing I absolutely adore about blogging is being able to go back a few years and look at pictures of my sweet girl growing up.
I think as the years go by you forget just how cute they were
when they were younger.
I found every 1st day of school picture from Kinder to this week.
There's a few things I noticed throughout these...
1) She loves pink! (Only on the 1st day, then it's back to black and grey!)
2) She let's me do her hair! (Again only on the 1st day, after that we're lucky if it's brushed!)
3) She is always so excited for school to start. (That never changes, she loves going to school!)
I seriously cannot believe I have a 3rd grader, but gosh am I proud of her!
We've definitely had bumps in the road...
(especially this week)
but she really is such a smart, happy, hilariously funny little girl.
And I'm so proud and thankful she is mine!
Happy Friday!
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