Weekend Wrap Up

August 3, 2015

This was the most relaxing, fun family/friends weekend we've had in a while!
We started Saturday morning out with a 5K run then got ready and went on a ton of errands.
We took Bella to Urban Air to get some of her energy out.
Eric & I thought it would be fun to join her and bounce on trampolines for an hour,
big mistake! My back hurt the rest of the day!
Guess I'm not a teenager anymore!
Afterwards we headed to AT&T to switch phones.
Eric took my Samsung Note 4 & I got an IPhone 4 Plus!
Lemme just say I friggin love that phone!
Eric has spent every free minute setting his up as well and loves it,
so it's a win win!
Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over to watch the UFC fight in our garage.
I went to open the fridge and saw that we were all ready for a long night and a great fight!
We ended up adding more as more people showed up.
It was a great time & the whole 34 seconds of Rhonda's fight was awesome!
Sunday we mainly spent the afternoon at the pool.
We always have such a blast with our friends swimming and laying out.
Eric gets a good workout the whole time as well!
He usually throws her like this at least 10x!
We came home afterwards and made homemade pizza.
It was a wonderful evening!
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