Halloween Confessions

September 29, 2015

Seeing as Halloween is right around the corner, I thought a few Halloween confessions are in order.
1) I love Halloween more than any holiday. Well Christmas and Halloween are tied for my favorite holidays, but there's just something about it that makes me giddy!

2) I decorate the crap out of everything in October. My house is decorated inside and out (we're going to start decorating on Sunday since it'll be October finally!) Even my IPhone is Halloweened (I just made that word up) out. Halloween background, the Halloween movie song as my ringtone, etc. It's an addiction!

3) I absolutely love taking all the kids trick or treating on Halloween night. A bunch of the parents will walk behind all the kids, drinks in hand, and catch up while they go door to door. It's fun for everyone and makes trick or treating a little bit safer. 

4) Pumpkin carving is an art in our house. I will print out cool carvings and we will make them. I also love roasting pumpkin seeds afterwards. It's my favorite Fall treat! We usually end up carving numerous pumpkins throughout the month due to the heat and humidity here. 

5) I wish we still dressed up for Halloween parties. We haven't been to any in years, but we used to have a blast figuring out what costume to wear. Now Bella gets to pick hers, and I posted previously she chose this one for this year...

Yep she decided to be the guy who comes to get you when you die. 
That's my sweet girl! 

Happy Halloween!!
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