I Heart Fall

September 23, 2015

One of my favorite YouTubers Jaclyn Hill did a Fall tag on her channel this week and seeing as today is officially the 1st day of Fall, I thought why not copy her?! 
Now bear with me in that it's still in the very high 90's here in Austin, so it sure ain't feeling like Fall around these here parts, but I'll do my best!


Favorite Candle: 
This one is easy for me, it's Sweater Weather at Bath & Body Works

Favorite Lip Color:
This one is kinda bad for me, I don't wear lipstick. I'm a die hard Chapstick girl & only wear lip gloss on special occasions. I'm boring that way.

Favorite Drink:
Non-Fat Light Whip White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.
Yeah I'm that girl who has an insane order every time I go... 

Favorite Blush:
NYX Baked Blush in Wanderlust. I don't change my blushes up too much in the Fall, because I can't really pull off those deep colors even though I wish I could. So I stick to what works.

Favorite Clothing Item:
This is the easiest one for me... my Frye boots!
Yes they are insanely expensive, but I got them last year and wear them daily in the Fall & Winter. 
If you can invest in a great pair of boots, definitely try these!

Favorite Fall Movie:
Hocus Pocus has been my absolute favorite Halloween movie since I was a kid. I still make sure and watch it at least once or twice every Fall... still makes me happy!

Favorite Fall TV Show:
This one I had to choose 2 shows because they are the ones I'm obsessed with. 
And to any readers of this blog, it won't be a huge surprise... 

Hallelujah it starts back tomorrow night!
I'm all about this show & cannot miss one episode EVER.


People, you know my obsession with this show.
I am literally on the edge of my seat for tonight's premiere.
I watch every YouTube video they show on it, love the characters more than anything!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food:
Turkey. Plain and simple!

Favorite Halloween Costume:
I haven't worn a costume in years, but if I ever have to dress up again for Halloween, it'll be as Flo from Progressive. And make Eric be that bad guy from the other insurance commercials! Cute!!

What's your favorite Fall things?

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  1. Currently counting down the MINUTES to the Empire season premiere! That is my favorite show! I also love love love sweater weather! Burning it now!

    1. The 1st show was a little out there but still so good! Can't wait for the whole season! Happy Fall!


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