Weekend Wrap Up - Anniversary Edition

September 21, 2015

I could get into all the nitty gritty stuff we did before and after our anniversary dinner, but instead I thought I would try my hand at being on of those bloggers who posts photos of their meals...
Because I'm awesome like that!

Let's start with our selfie I make us take on every single anniversary...
Eric just loves this part...

I love this picture! 
This was actually only the 2nd one we took! Score!!

Okay onto the dinner.
We ate at one of our favorite restaurants downtown, III Forks.
Everything they make is delicious!!

For an appetizer we got the Ahi Tuna. I forgot to take a picture since we were starving and scarfed it right up! But man it was good!

I had the Mahi-Mahi plate...

Looking at it now I'm hungry.
It came with shrimp in a yummy sauce over asparagus. 
(If you can't tell by the picture!)

Eric had the Pork Chop...

We both were so suprised by the massive size of it!
Eric got through 1/2 at the most and took the rest home. 

And the best thing of all...
Chocolate mousse! 
And holy crap it was amazing!!! 

And the servers were sweet enough to let us sit close to the TV and watch the Longhorns game!
We got to watch the first half there, then went to a wine bar in downtown Round Rock for the 2nd half. 
Which although we had a heartbreaking loss, was still one of the best games we've seen them play in quite a while! 
We honestly were so proud of our Horns and how well they played!

Sunday we rested and spent the day with our baby girl,
just the way we like it!

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