Welcome Autumn

September 14, 2015


To say every blog I've read lately is welcoming in Autumn would be an understatement.
They're all saying how it's gotten chilly especially in the mornings and can pull out their flannel now! While I'm over here thinking the high today is 91 & that's after 2 cold fronts last week!

Yes the boots are on, 
but that's because you could hang meat at my office,
I've been wearing them since the beginning of August!

Also, I don't own 1 flannel shirt. 
Not one.
That might change this year because they really look comfy, but who am I kidding, I'd probably end up looking like an idiot in one. 
Especially here in Austin at the beginning of September. 

One thing I do think is right on with this time of the year...

This weekend was awesome for football.
At least if you're either a Longhorn or Cowboy's fan...
or both! 
Eric and I both love watching football, although we're definitely more college football fans than the NFL, but we never miss a Cowboys game!

So for us Austinites & mainly all over Texas, it's still the end of the summer, 
with a little bit of Autumn thrown in for good measure. 
And I'm definitely okay with that!
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