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October 28, 2015

I did a post on this about 3 years ago and although one of my favorite haven't changed, the rest definitely have!
I am an avid blogger and love reading other people's blogs, my absolute favorite blogs are

She does amazing posts about hair and makeup, plus tips and tricks to get you out the door faster. Here's the amazing thing, she also has her own line of cosmetics! 
I've tried quite a few times to get some of her products, but they are so amazing they sell out quickly!
I think what I love most about her is she is down to earth, mom of 2 boys who understands we don't have 45 minutes to get ready every day & works to help you look beautiful fast!

Natalie is a mom of 2 from Charlotte that loves wine as much as I do! Plus she posts fabulous recipes every Wednesday along with clothes she loves that I have a tendency to agree on!
She makes me want to move to the Carolina's with her pictures & I definitely want to visit there soon!

Hazel Hayes is a Irish youtuber that I recently started watching. She is hilarious and my favorite are her Tipsy Talk vlogs. They make me literally laugh out loud whenever I watch any of her videos!

Tati Westbrook is my absolute favorite YouTuber out there. Her videos show different options for all types of makeup and her honest reviews on them. From drugstore to extremely high end ($90 lipstick?!) she says the good and bad points of all of it. My favorite is when she goes into the drugstores and shows what's on sale right now. I usually run out and grab it up! Also, she just teamed up with LOC to make some amazingly beautiful eye shadows & lippies! 

Mallory is brand new to YouTube but also is an awesome blogger. She's a former Miss Kentucky & is completely gorgeous inside and out. I love watching her videos because she is so down to earth, Southern girl that I'm used to. She is so funny & really shows easy ways to do makeup. 

What are your favorite blogs or YouTubers? 
I love finding new ones all the time!

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