Weekend Wrap Up

October 19, 2015

I swear my head is still spinning from this extremely busy weekend we had! 
We usually have things to do here & there, but this weekend it was literally non stop. 

Friday night we went over to Eric's parents' house, where we got to catch up with his family & the cousins got to play together. We all played pool upstairs and the kids had the best time!

Saturday morning was Marathon Kids kickoff. Nike sponsored it this year, and it was awesome!
Bella got to see a bunch of Texas Longhorn's athletics including basketball, track, volleyball, etc. She was so excited & got to run her 1st lap at Mike A Myer's Stadium!
Mommy & Bella before her run on the track!

Our little Longhorn!

We are so proud of her!

Afterwards we ran some errands then went to the YMCA Halloween Party. 
She got to ride, jump, swing, etc. for hours! 

How fearless is this little girl?!

When we got home, she had a science project due. 
So we learned how to make this thing below light up with just a 9 volt battery.
We also learned how to use Morse Code with the light.

At 1st it was unsuccessful, but then we finally figured it out & was so excited to see it light up! 

Sunday Bella had 2 birthday parties to go to, so Eric & I ended up being her chauffeur all day long, in between football games! Ha! 

Such a fun and extremely busy weekend. 
Bring on the work week!
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