Weekend Wrap Up

October 12, 2015

This was such a fun weekend and we are so proud of our Horns!!
We made the trek back up to Dallas Saturday morning.
We decided not to leave Friday night to miss all the Texas vs. OU traffic.

Saturday afternoon we met my sister & nephew at Chuys for lunch. 
I was able to get Eric away from the Longhorn game long enough to drive there and sit down at a table right infront of a tv! 
The Horns played amazingly & we're all so proud they beat OU!! 
I now need to own this shirt...
Saturday night we went to one of my oldest friend's weddings. 
Heather & I have known each other since elementary school & it was so amazing to watch her walk down the isle!
She was such a beautiful bride & we had the best time!

I was able to catch up with friends from high school I rarely get to see anymore.

These girls above have been great friends for almost 20 years now & even though I live 3 hours away from them, it's like nothing ever changed when we all get together. 
Such a fun wedding!

Sunday we drove home, ran some errands, then decided to decorate for Halloween.
We bought a pretty big pumpkin and carved it Sunday night while I made my 

I also roasted pumpkin seeds!
Such a fun family & friends weekend!!

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