Weekend Wrap Up

October 26, 2015

Seeing as it poured rain all weekend long, our weekend was pretty uneventful. 
Saturday we watched The Horns kick some butt in the rain and beat Kansas State! 
Hook 'Em!

We had friends over Saturday night to have a nice low key dinner & drinks while it poured outside. 
There were so many great parties happening, but we were worried about having to drive in the weather so we decided to keep it low key and just hang out.

Sunday morning I was stupid and ran in the cold and rain. It actually wasn't too bad of a run except for being soaking wet by the end of it! 
My running shoes are still drying out in our garage!
Sunday night I made the chicken and green chile casserole for dinner & we loved it!
Something nice and yummy for the cold rainy day we were having! 

So it's finally here...
Halloween Week!

Bella has a few Halloween parties lined up this week 
and of course the big day Saturday night. 
They're calling for MORE rain Saturday, but I'm hoping that will change before then!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.... Week!

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