Weekend Wrap Up - Thanksgiving

November 30, 2015

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving seem like it was well over a week ago? 
I swear this long weekend did me in!

Let me start with Thanksgiving Day...

Our mandatory Thanksgiving family picture!

We went over to celebrate with Eric's family, ate way too much food, & had a great time!
Afterwards, we came home and got in our PJ's to watch football. Unfortunately, both of our teams lost... (We shall never talk about the Horns 2015 season on this blog again!) but we had a great time just the 3 of us!

Friday we decided to be a little dumb and go shopping. 
We waited until around 10 a.m. to go, but didn't help. The stores were insane!
We were able to get great deals though & made it home in 1 piece!
Friday evening we went to Eric's parents to see his Abuelo & catch up, then headed to Rosa's for a delicious dinner. Our neighbors came over and we spent the rest of the night chatting & having a great time!

Saturday & Sunday were spent mainly putting out Christmas decorations. 
We finally finished Sunday evening & I must say, they turned out pretty well!

Our mantle... we added the Merry sign this year & I'm in love!

Our Christmas town we put out every year. It's a tradition my mom started when I was Bella's age, I took over once she passed & have put them out ever since!

Daddy helping Bella put the angel on the tree!

The finished product! 
And yes, I also wrapped all the gifts before hand! 
Done & exhausted!

How was your long weekend? 

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Weekend Wrap Up - Early Thanksgiving

November 23, 2015

This past weekend we took the long 3 hour drive to Dallas to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my family.
Every year we've gone on Thanksgiving weekend we've ended up stuck in traffic for hours and thought we would be the rush this year... kinda!

We got to Dallas Friday night just in time to help Papa get the turkey ready.

My Dad & I have done this since I was Bella's age together & now she's getting to do it with him. 
I love that she likes the same traditions I do. 
Makes Thanksgiving a little more special!

Eric, me, & my sister, Tanya Saturday before dinner.
We totally don't get dressed up at all for Thanksgiving... it's awesome!
It was a great delicious dinner & I ended up eating way too much of course!

Sunday we had breakfast with my family before heading home. 
Took a little longer than normal, but not horrible!

I doubt I'll be posting this weekend so wanted to leave you with this...


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Christmas Wish List Time

November 19, 2015

I honestly can't believe the holidays are upon us already. I swear we just celebrated July 4th last month! I am the mom who starts her Christmas shopping in September & is almost done by now (YAY!), but I rarely think about what I want or need for Christmas.

We are huge Amazon people in my casa, and all 3 of us make Amazon wish lists for family to know and have an easier time picking gifts out. 
Other than clothes, there's not a ton I ask for usually, but I found a few I would love to have!

Frye Boots - Y'all know my love for Frye boots. Yes they are pretty darn expensive, and that's why I only ask for them from Eric & only at Christmas time! Ha! I already own a pair in light brown that I wear constantly, and would love a dark brown color to add onto my wardrobe and give my current Frye boots a much needed break!

Pioneer Woman Cookware - Holy heck I love this cookware so much! And the best thing... it's from Walmart & isn't expensive! I already own 2 pans from her & love them both so much. I definitely need the whole set! 

Adidas Stealth Boost Shoes - I go through a pair of running shoes every year, and I'm coming up on that time that I need to switch. I have realized I only use Adidas running shoes now. They are so comfortable but give amazing support. These are my favorites as of now.

TokyoMilk Dark Perfume - Omg I love this perfume! I don't even know how to explain it, but next time you're in Sephora look for it! It smells amazing!

What are you wanting for Christmas?
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Weekend Wrap Up - Praying

November 15, 2015

I haven't been posting because I caught the flu all last week & laid on my couch for 4 days straight. Thank goodness I'm feeling better finally. Not 100%, but close enough!

I almost feel like the last day of being sick, was one of the worst days since 9-11. Let me say this before going forward, I'm not a political person, I don't blog about anything to do with politics ever. I never plan to either, but what happened Friday afternoon in Paris will forever change me, 
just like 9-11 did.

My Facebook main picture was changed immediately when I could find a way to show support for the French people.
I sat there Friday afternoon in shock that it happened and in tears that so many innocent lives were lost to terrorism... again.

I will keep praying for France and all over the world that love will overcome hate.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet and low key. 
I wasn't really up for much, so we did some shopping, went to Salata for dinner, then came home to watch the Baylor game and just spend time with my family.

I've noticed I've been holding them much closer this weekend...

Sunday we ran a few errands, then headed to Eric's parents for lunch and to catch up.
It's always good to see them and watch the Cowboys game there.

Afterwards, Eric & Bella decided to go play baseball while I rested and 
made my famous Crockpot Taco Soup

Isn't she so adorable?! 
They had fun and got home in time for dinner and to watch more football..
Now it's Sunday night and I'm relaxing with Eric while Bella sleeps...
realizing how truly blessed I am to have my family.
I pray for the people of Paris that they find peace and strength in this moment of darkness.

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Thank You Veterans!

November 11, 2015

Growing up as a Army Brat, I got to meet a lot of hero's.
My Dad was in the Air Force when he met my mom, and the Army National Guard while I was growing up. 
I got to see these men & women serving our great country and asking nothing in return.
I would like to thank every Veteran for their service.
Every person serving in the military currently.
And everyone who lost their lives serving our country.

Thank you for our freedom.

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Fun Weekend Wrap Up

November 9, 2015

I have been so overwhelmingly busy lately with Christmas coming soon, blogging has taken a back seat and for that I apologize, but I have a feeling it won't change much until after the holidays are over & 2016 is here... so bear with me!

Friday Eric & I took the day off work to go to Bella's field day at school, except they cancelled it due to rain... 
So us being the awesome parents we are checked her out of school for the afternoon to watch
The Peanuts Movie!
The 3 of us had so much fun & the movie was adorable!
She's very into Charlie Brown and the gang, so she was super excited!

Saturday Bella went to spend the day at Grandma's so we went wine tasting with our brother and sister.

The guys of course found a brewery to stop at as well & the 4 of us had so much fun! 
Even in the freezing cold! 

We ended the day at The Salt Lick for dinner, and had the best time!
I definitely paid for it all day Sunday though!
Not as young as I think anymore! 

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Weekend Wrap Up - Halloween Edition

November 2, 2015

Aside from the crazy weather we had Friday, the weekend was awesome. 
If you haven't seen the news, we got horrible storms and a few tornadoes Friday morning. 
I was at work where 11 of us we in a bathroom for shelter due to a tornado being seen in our area. 
Thank God we are fine and nothing happened, except a ton of flooding. 
15" of rain in 6 hours flooding...

Halloween we had rain on and off, but luckily it stayed away for trick or treating!
Before the festivities began, I ran and got a Papa Murphy's Jack O Lantern pizza for dinner.
Maybe not the prettiest pizza ever, but so delicious!

Bella dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween this year including glowing eyes!
We headed to the neighborhood Halloween Party first where she got to see a bunch of friends & get ready for the main event!

These kids have been trick or treating together for 4 years in a row now. 
They always have the best time & it's so fun to see how much they all have grown!

Our neighborhood has some really cool decorations including this dragon the kids couldn't stop staring at!

After we finished trick or treating, we went to Bella's friend Connor's house for a party. 
They went all out and the kids had the best time!
Bella ended up staying the night next door to us. so we took advantage and got to spend some time with the neighbors until the wee hours of the night!

Sunday we a lazy day for all of us!
I made Eric wake up at 7:15 a.m. for a 2 mile walk, but afterwards did absolutely nothing!
Great Halloween weekend!

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