Christmas Wish List Time

November 19, 2015

I honestly can't believe the holidays are upon us already. I swear we just celebrated July 4th last month! I am the mom who starts her Christmas shopping in September & is almost done by now (YAY!), but I rarely think about what I want or need for Christmas.

We are huge Amazon people in my casa, and all 3 of us make Amazon wish lists for family to know and have an easier time picking gifts out. 
Other than clothes, there's not a ton I ask for usually, but I found a few I would love to have!

Frye Boots - Y'all know my love for Frye boots. Yes they are pretty darn expensive, and that's why I only ask for them from Eric & only at Christmas time! Ha! I already own a pair in light brown that I wear constantly, and would love a dark brown color to add onto my wardrobe and give my current Frye boots a much needed break!

Pioneer Woman Cookware - Holy heck I love this cookware so much! And the best thing... it's from Walmart & isn't expensive! I already own 2 pans from her & love them both so much. I definitely need the whole set! 

Adidas Stealth Boost Shoes - I go through a pair of running shoes every year, and I'm coming up on that time that I need to switch. I have realized I only use Adidas running shoes now. They are so comfortable but give amazing support. These are my favorites as of now.

TokyoMilk Dark Perfume - Omg I love this perfume! I don't even know how to explain it, but next time you're in Sephora look for it! It smells amazing!

What are you wanting for Christmas?
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