Last Post of 2015

December 16, 2015

So yeah I just realized I haven't blogged in like FOREVER. 
Which is totally not me, but seeing as work, life in general, etc. is insane right now, 
I refuse to blame myself!
(Typical I know!)

So to catch you up on the going on's in our house...

Bella graduated to blue belt last Saturday! 

We are so proud of her & sticking to martial arts for a year now! 
She's hoping to be a brown belt by June!

Also, decided to go a little darker and try the whole "balyage hair" thing...
turns out I love it!
Disregard my makeup or lack there of in the picture, 
I swear it looked good when we left the house! 

In other news, Eric & I both took next week off completely.
Bella's out of school so we decided to have a full week together to celebrate Christmas.
We will be decorating cookies with friends, working on our front yard, and 
finishing up by going to our church service Christmas Eve.

Gateway Church here in Austin is amazing! 
It's funny how many people we know go there because it's just such an awesome service each and every time we go.
Christmas Eve services are THE BEST! 

New Year's this year will be nice and quiet.
We plan on hanging with the neighbors, 
letting the kids (and Dad's) shoot fireworks, 
and having a great time going into 2016!

So since this will be my last post 
(because let's face it, I know posting will not be happening the rest of 2015!)
I want to end it by saying...
We hope everyone has the best Christmas & New Years!
Enjoy it & can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for everyone!
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