Getting Back to Normalcy

January 7, 2016

Lez be honest here... 
I had planned to be back to normal by the beginning of this week.
That crap went out the window the day Bella fell off her bike.
This week has been anything but normal!

So I told Eric we shall start normalcy next week! 
Nothing like starting to get into the swing of things 2 weeks into the year already!

Our poor baby girl has been napping every afternoon up until dinner time
out of pure exhaustion. 
She's NOT a napper by any means!
We also pushed martial arts back for obvious reasons, 
but we're hoping by next week she can go back and work on lower body stuff.

I plan on getting back to really running again next week.
I've been running small short runs every other day 
to keep up with all the food I've been consuming, 
but I need to definitely step it up!

I never make new years resolutions, 
and I don't plan on starting this year.
But with that said, 
I do hope to keep up what I did in 2015 
& work harder, be kinder, and overall a better person.

Let's hope all the above starts next Monday!

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