Things Every Girl Needs

January 20, 2016

I feel like I've blogged about this before,
but every time I get to go it reminds me how much it's needed.
Yes we all have those girlfriends we can meet up with and talk forever.
These are (most) of mine.

We're missing a few girls, but overall 
these girls are some of my girl's night out people.
We all get together and the talk is non-stop. 
We laugh like crazy & make tons of plans 
we hope to keep, but usually can't.
Even so, we try to get together every few months 
for a night away from the husbands & children,
and just relax, catch up, eat some delicious dinner,
and have a few of these...
(That's all of our glasses together ladies, I'm not that big of a wino!)
We had the best time, and unfortunately I was 1st to head home to help with Bella,
I miss those girls and can't wait for the next girl's night!

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