Update on Bella

January 6, 2016

Wow 2016 has already decided to kick our butts at home. 
Seriously, very little sleep, lots of pain, & feeling helpless has overtaken our house. 

If you read my last blog post, you know Bella fractured her elbow Sunday.
She has been in SEVERE pain ever since even after the ER trip,
so we made an appointment with the pediatric ortho yesterday 
& she got this...

Full cast shoulder to fingers...

The pain she was in at this point wasn't good at all. 
I'm on her other side holding her good hand letting her squeeze mine when it hurt.

And this is her after learning she will be in this cast for at least 3 weeks.
Also meaning we have to push her birthday party back for a month!
She wasn't a happy camper.

When we got home, we propped her up on the couch and within minutes she was asleep.
Eric & I took turns watching her so the other could get a run in.
After she woke up one of her friends Connor & his momma brought her this

They also brought her a get well balloon. 
They are too sweet for words!

It definitely helped cheer her up!
So now she's back at school 
& the nurse hasn't called yet which is a plus!
Let's pray the rest of 2016 isn't half as crazy!

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