Weekend Wrap Up

January 11, 2016

This weekend was spent as the ultimate family weekend for us. 
Friday night Bella went to her friend's house after school, 
then Aunt Sandra, Uncle Mark, Olivia, & Aidan came over to help cheer her up.

Olivia even helped sign her cast! 

They were so sweet bringing cupcake & balloon for her to enjoy!
She seems to be collecting both a lot since she got hurt! Ha!

Saturday we took her downtown to the boat show.
Eric & Bella have never been to one before but I grew up going to them every year, 
so it was a lot of fun.

Saturday night we took her to the Alamo Draft House to watch Star Wars.

She loved the movie & wants to dress like one of them for Halloween!
It was a great time the 3 of us had together. 
I'm actually ending up liking this whole "Star Wars" thing... maybe.

Sunday was pretty quiet for us, just cleaned the house & let Bella have a friend over.
Even though they played for hours she was still hyper by the end of the night!
I told her I don't think the doctor okayed this type of playing with her cast on!
It makes me happy to see this though, it's typical Bella at her finest! 

Now it's Monday and work has started back... blah!
Just keep telling myself get through this week because it's a 3 day weekend ahead!
Happy Monday!
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