February 15, 2016

Usually on Monday mornings I post our weekend wrap up.
This is not that.
This is a post on how proud I am of my husband.

Yes I don't do these posts often & no it's not because of Valentine's Day.
This is because for the 2nd time in his life,
Eric finished a half marathon!
And in an amazing time I might add!

He did the Austin 1/2 marathon yesterday morning and killed it!
Bella and I went out to cheer him on (and after getting a little lost!)
We were able to see him pass the 12 mile marker. 
We had a sign made for him...

So he was able to spot us right away! 
After he crossed we met him at the finish line to celebrate his accomplishment.

Eric, we are both so immensely proud of you 
& can't wait to cheer you on again in Vegas!

We love you and hope you're having a great day off recouping! 

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